Welcome. Here I Am.

I’ve been blacksmithing for about 8 years now, and made my first leap into the craft in North Carolina at the John C. Campbell Folk School. From there I left to work with a blacksmith in Wisconsin, meeting and admiring the work of blacksmiths along the way.

I currently work and teach at The Crucible in Oakland, California, sharing a space with other talented smiths and students. I also work as a Maintenance Mechanic for the Utility District. I am a graduate of Machine Technology from Laney College and a certified welder.

My interests around the metal working field were first inspired by West African blacksmiths who continue to perfect their craft by making farm tooling in rural areas and forging instruments. I aspire to develop as a talented tool maker and utilitarian artist, incorporating the dynamic and imperfect beauty of nature into my work. I hope to inspire other worker-artists by writing about nature, history and science.

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