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Note: Songs here are in the Singer Songwriter style recorded in some of Nashville's top studios.  For Band Bookings: The Band plays covers in the Country and Rock genres!

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The Mackenzie O'Brien Band

Note:  For Bookings,  Band can play all covers, all originals, or a mix of both


The Mackenzie O'Brien Band was launched in 2019 as Mackenzie began to perform in larger venues and in festivals with larger crowds.   Jeremy Witz (Jerry Wyld) (Lead Guitar) had already played over 100 shows with her at that time.  Chicago Drummer, Dean Sinclair (Deanie Boy) was soon added on drums and Scott Gauger (Scottie G) joined the band a year later as the full time bassist and back up vocalist.  

In a short time period (made shorter by Covid) the band has defied odds by continuing to move ahead in spite of being a young band with a female lead.  Mackenzie's reputation had been growing and has continued to grow in Chicagoland, the Midwest and in Nashville Tennessee!  

The band has been recognized as one of Chicago's best Country Bands and one of the only that can flip and play all original music.  To date, the band has played at county fairs, festivals in several states (including Country Thunder 2021 and 2022), and the band has opened for numerous country stars!  The band can also boast that all of it's members are full time career musicians!  

In the last year, the band has hosted guest musicians who have added banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, and dobro to the mix.  The band is currently available for bookings in Chicagoland, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa,  Nashville Tennessee, and beyond.  

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Mackenzie O'Brien

Singer Songwriter, Band Leader, Performer


Mackenzie O'Brien is a singer songwriter and band leader from Northern Illinois.  Mackenzie was given the nickname hummingbird as a very young girl as she was often found playing alone and humming made up melodies.  This gift has stayed with Mackenzie to this day and she is a sought after melody driven songwriter!  To date, Mackenzie has landed several dozen songs on small market radio in the US and in Europe.  

Mackenzie continues to build her career with her band in Chicago and with songwriting partnerships around the US.   In December of 2019, Mackenzie entered into a relationship with Merf Music Nashville and in more recent months entered into another relationship with Daredevil Productions Nashville.  It is through these partnerships that the foundation was developed for Mackenzie's next big project!  Mackenzie looks forward to sharing parts of this project in the summer of 2022!

As a band leader, Mackenzie continues to build her band and they have been sought after to appear at county fairs, regional and local fests, Country Thunder (2021 and 2022) and top area venues like Skooters Roadhouse, The Hard Rock Casino, The Cubby Bear, Joe's On Weed Street, The Hideaway Brew Garden, and many many others.  

Mackenzie and her band have also opened up for country stars and received recognition from many VIPs in the industry.  Stars opened for include:  Chris Janson, The Vandoliers, Sam LLanas of the Bodeans, Parker McCollom, and Jordan Davis as well as a post concert played after Lee Brice's show!  Further recognition has come from John Oates (Hall N Oates),  CB (Head talent producer at The Voice), Artie Kornfeld (former VP at Capitol Records, and from many of Nashville's top writers. 

Mackenzie's hope is to build her brand, share new songs and create new partnerships that lead to music with a greater impact on those around her!   She is thrilled to have current partnerships with the companies mentioned above as well as with Breedlove Guitars, Carlino Guitar Straps, King Bastey Hats Nashville, and The Moo Country Boutique in Leipers Fork Tennessee!


News and What's New

     Opening for Parker McCollom at Joe's on Weed

Chicago:  Thank you to Country Music Blogger Backstage Bobbi  (pictured) for interviewing me for her blog prior to my opening for Parker McCollom at Joe's on Weed.  There's a link to the interview under the pic of Bobbi and me.  Also, a big shout out to the staff at Joe's for making me and the band feel so welcome and for taking care of so many things I had not even thought of.   Also, Thank you to Dawn at Moo Country for shipping my outfit up from Tennessee in time for the show in Chicago and to Eddie Carlino for making me the coolest guitar strap for the show!  I am so blessed to know all of you and I'm humbled by your knidness!!!!!


                  News Updates March 2022

Mackenzie is looking forward to continued work in Nashville as well as a busy festival season.  Mackenzie will make her second trip of the year to Music City to continue work on writing projects that were started in January.  The projects pair Mackenzie with some of Nashville's most successful writers and further the collaboration between Mackenzie, Merf Music Nashville, and Daredevil Productions! 

Back home, Mackenzie and the band look forward to a return to Country Thunder Wisconsin and festival appearances in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin! 

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Joe's on Weed Chicago

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Country Thunder Wisconsin

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The Sears Center (Now Center) Opening for Chris Janson


 Pics from 2021

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